On Thursday 5th March I visited Singleton Hospital, to meet staff, tour the building and find out how the hospital, and particularly the South West Wales Cancer Centre which is based there have benefited from charitable funds.

I found out a few things that surprised me. One of the things I found most interesting is that everyone in Singleton seems to know each other, as they have all been working together for years everyone is friendly and they all know each other’s names. This was surprising as I thought because the hospital is so busy that maybe they wouldn’t have time to remember everyone’s names and faces.

Another thing that surprised me was how much each ward does, when I asked each ward what they do there were multiple things said. For example the same ward could be used for chemotherapy recovery, supporting patients who are at the end of their life, and treating patients who are very unwell. This is a lot of work for one ward, but to my surprise they do it all.

Singleton hospital seems to be constantly busy, when I was given my tour of the building there were always people rushing around to different meetings or to patients that need them, but still everyone was willing to give me 5 minutes to ask them questions.

It was really nice to see that even though they are really busy the staff were friendly and helpful, this must be reassuring for patients too.

One of the main things I was surprised about is how much of our funding needs to go to South West Wales Cancer fund. The South West Wales Cancer Centre treats people from across South West Wales, covering Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and parts of mid Wales up as far as Aberystwyth.  

They have a special hostel for patients to stay in whilst they are being treated. This is such a good idea as patients who live in West Wales don’t want to be travelling back and forth all the time.

The hostel makes things a bit more comfortable for our patients, which is really important, but the little things that people don’t think about such as bedding need updating to make sure that it’s a comfortable place for people to stay at difficult time.

Visiting the cancer centre certainly encouraged me to give a donation. Your donations could be used to fund the chemotherapy day unit, the treatment wards, education and training for staff, as well as facilities to make treatment easier for our patients such as the hostel or pillows to be used during radiotherapy.

It was great to see how funds are used to benefit our staff and patients in Singleton, and I really enjoyed my day there.

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