Staff in the Paediatrics Unit at Morriston Hospital really stepped up when they realised that their simulation training mannequins were falling into disrepair, and decided to run the Swansea 10K to raise funds to replace them.

The multi-departmental team made up of Rachel Isaac, Nicola Fitchett, Dr Darshana Battacharjee, Dr Kirsty Dickson, Dr Rachel Evans, Dr Huma Mazhar and Dr Qumrun Nahar raised £553 for their cause.

Simulation training involves replicating scenarios to allow staff to develop their skills, and improve patient safety.

Practice Development Nurse Rachel Isaac said: “Simulation training really promotes patient safety, giving health professionals the opportunity to learn, ask questions and make mistakes in a safe environment.

“It was really important that we were a multi-disciplinary team, because we don’t care for patients in isolation. When that buzzer goes off it doesn’t matter if you’re a nurse or a doctor, you come running to help. We really felt that the team was a brilliant example of our health board values in action: working together and always improving.

“The mannequin’s limbs were falling off, and it was just in a pretty bad state with all the wear and tear you would expect given how much it’s been used. But we’re really pleased with the makeover, and we’d like to thank everyone who supported us and made it possible.”

Thanks to this makeover, the as yet unnamed mannequin is now on the ward and ready to be used in training.

As well as being designed to replicate the size and weight of a child, the mannequin can be connected to a machine that replicates breathing and blood pressure. It also has realistic skin, pulse points and movements to reflect what it would feel like to treat a real person.

Rachel says; “I’m really proud of the fact that we’ve been able to re-use one of the mannequins we already had, because now not only do our patients benefit from us being able to use the mannequin for training, the planet benefits because we’ve recycled!”

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