All of our funds support our services in South Wales, except one.  Our Africa Health links fund supports some of the world’s most vulnerable children in Africa and they need your help now.

Drs Michael and Bethany Bryant from Singleton Hospital, are currently running a hospital in Liberia, and thanks to funds raised by Swansea Bay Health Charity, the world’s poorest and sickest children have access to life-saving health care.

However, funds to continue this life saving work are running out. The hospital needs your support now more than ever, and small amounts of money can make a big difference.

  • £3.80 a week could treat a child with pneumonia
  • £7.50 per week can treat a child for severe malnutrition.
  • £30 per week could treat a seriously ill child with malaria.

Michael and Bethany have been in Liberia as permanent unpaid volunteers since January 2019 helping to establish a 4-bed-high-dependency unit and train local staff to manage the most critically unwell children. They have also set up feeding units to treat and feed malnourished children in addition to a special unit for premature babies.   However, they will be unable to continue this work without the funds to support it.

Michael says “The situation remains challenging – I’ve just come off a ward round which lasted all day with our inpatient feeding unit now full to bursting.”

Since the team have been in Liberia great progress has been made but there is still more to do. Michael said “The mortality rate has dropped to less than 3%. Our team will remain in Liberia throughout 2020 to continue helping the local team to save vulnerable children’s lives, but we need funds to do this.” If you are able to help this appeal, you can donate via Paypal (

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