Our Fundraising Support Manager Nicola, 32, completed her first ever 5k parkrun in 57 minutes raising £250 for the Health Board Charity. Swansea Bay parkrun is a beautiful seaside route, which 528 people ran, jogged and walked.

The Swansea Bay Health charity raises money for many different charitable funds, and all money raised during the Virtual Race will go into the Helping Hand Fund. Most of our funds support one specific ward or department, except our Helping Hands Fund.

People who donate to the Helping Hand Fund will be supporting projects that don’t fit neatly into our dedicated funds – they might help more than one ward, more than one hospital site, or be pilot projects that have the potential to completely revolutionise our services.

This was a massive achievement for Nicola, and an amazing amount of money donated to help our patients. Nicola, who isn’t athletic and jumped head first into the challenge, achieved a massive goal of hers. 

Nicola said “I’m not the least bit sporty, and the idea of even registering for something like this was totally out of my comfort zone. I hadn’t so much as run for a bus in years, and was terrified by the prospect of 5K!

“I know its cliché, but it’s true that if I can do something like this, anyone can. I didn’t even own trainers until three weeks ago, and now I’m a parkrunner and virtual racer, with a shiny medal to prove it.

“And the Health Board Charity is £250 better off thanks to sponsorship from my family and friends!”

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