Birthdays are a time for giving and for Deborah just after Christmas, is there anything she really needs? This is why our Fundraising Manager Deborah, who works for Swansea Bay Health Charity decided that this year she didn’t want any birthday gifts, she would rather the money go to a worthwhile cause.

Deborah decided to set up a Facebook fundraiser, she has raised £120 by doing this and the money keeps building up. She told us “At my age, I don’t need much for my birthday.  However, I have seen first-hand how funds that come into the charity can make a real difference to patient care.  Therefore, I wanted to use my birthday as a chance to help others, and keeping the money to benefit our charity and our local community was an obvious choice.”

The money she has raised will go to Helping hand fund. Everyone at Swansea Bay Health Charity are grateful for her doing this and every donation they get.

Most of our funds support one specific ward or department, except our Helping Hand Fund. This supports projects that don’t fit neatly into our dedicated funds – they might help more than one ward, more than one hospital site, or be pilot projects that have the potential to completely revolutionise our services.

We hope this inspiring story will encourage others to follow in Deborah’s footsteps, keep donating!

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